Social Media

San Jose SEO – Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the new frontier for marketing online with community interaction. Everything from participation in Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs, newsgroups, and wiki as well as images, audio and video can be optimized to aid in lead generation.

San Jose SEO Social Media Marketing Process

  • Define Objectives
  • Align Resources
  • Target Media Channels
  • Create Content
  • Online Networking
  • Social Participation
  • Track and Tune

San Jose SEO defined process applies the total SMO sphere of marketing opportunities to take full advantage of the most aggressive marketing strategy available.

Working with you – First, we work with you to identify desired outcomes – inquiries, traffic/page views, sales, brand development, reputation, credibility. Once we understand the desired objective, we choose tactics wisely, through a comprehensive evaluation of what actions and media channels will best influence the desired outcome.

On Target – With the morass of social media channels available you need expert guidance to understand what will be the best SMO strategy. San Jose SEO will ensure that you advance the right channels with the right content for the desired outcome every time.


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